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Motion Library for iOS and Android

Try out the motion library through CerealBox

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Reach us directly at developer@kiwiwearables.com

Three motions to start

Include in your app: take a picture with a backtap, change the song with a knock or triggering a call in rain with a wave.
works with iOS6+

Coming soon:
Record your own motion

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Custom Motions and
the Kiwi Move

Train and record your own motion

Create your own gesture/motion library to share and integrate into applications.

Store your data and motion events

Analyze and derive metrics about the motions your have identified.

Use the Kiwi Move to interact

Pre-order your Kiwi Move here.

*Winner will be required to answer a skill testing question, the draw will be held within 30 days of passing 1000 developer mark. Kiwi reserves the right to modify the contest as needed.