Bring the force to your Android Wear Device

  • Step 1: Download the Kiwi app
  • Step 2: Detect the motion of 'the force' with your watch
  • Step 3: Use 'the force' motion to command your phone
  • Step 4: Impress your friends
  • Step 5: Justify your smartwatch purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smart watches does the Kiwi App work with?

The app works with any Android Wear smartwatch. This includes the Glaxy Gear, LG G watch for the time being.

How does the app work?

The app connects to Kiwi's motion recognition engine, which takes the motion sensor data from your smartwatch, uses complex machine learning to detect a 'the force' event

Are you building apps for other platforms such as iOS etc?


How many motion events can be detected by the app?

We have a library of additional motions, that will be launching over the coming weeks and months. If you would like us to detect a particular motion, please get in touch

How does the Kiwi app work with your other products?

The Kiwi app is built on the same platform as our other products, Glance, Kiwi Move Developer Kit Move and the Kiwi iOS Motion Library .We have designed all our products to work seamlessly with each other.

How can I use your motion recoginition technology in my app/product?

We have an established developer program running, and will be able to share developer kits, tutorials and case studies with you. Please order a developer kit here to get started

More questions?

Get in touch

Story behind the app

At Kiwi, we believe technology should be really simple. Our experience in design has led us to build a motion recognition app for Android wear, that is simple and fun.

We've been spending our nights and days on recognizing any motion, on any person, on any device. So naturally when the Android Wear watches came out we needed to share our technology with the world.

We built this app so you could dismiss those annoying callers with just a wave of your hand.

John D. Chibuk


Afzal Najam


Olivier Mayrand

UI/UX Designer

Dave (Yungoo) Kim


Ali Nawab


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If you have any feedback, ideas or just want to understand why we are building motion recognition products, please contact us

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